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Coding Background

I started out college thinking I would graduate as a social worker. Two years later, when I graduated with a certification in Computer Programming and Web Design, I looked back and laughed.

Coding Background

I then realized that just because I know languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and more, didn't mean I knew how to create a website.

Coding Background

It took a while, but I worked on my skills until I was confident that I could produce an entire website from the bottom up.

Coding Background

So I did! I was hired to create a website for a small business. It was amazing. I was able to use my skills and have fun, doing what I enjoyed and getting paid for it, too! (It just launched, click-here to check it out!)

Coding Background

Now I am looking foward to moving foward. As I await my next project, I am having fun building projects for myself, and keeping my knowledge up-to-date.

Things I've Done

Eye Travel Website

Built with PHP and JavaScript.

Live Site

Card Game

Built with HTML and JavaScript.


Maaser Tracker

Built with PHP, SQL, and MySQL database.


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